Reasons to choose a villa for your next holiday in Malta

Malta is one of the most fascinating holiday destinations in the Mediterranean. This little island just south of Sicily in Italy offers year-round sunshine, Norman cathedrals, baroque palaces, medieval dungeons, lush green countryside and pristine beaches. Should you chose to soak in the Mediterranean sun from Malta, you may want to consider a villa for your stay.

Tucked in Sliema, Qawra, St Julians and the other towns and villages, are plenty of villas to rent in Malta. Most are three to four-bedroom villas that can sleep six to eight guests. But why choose a villa over a resort or hotel during your stay?


The number one reason for choosing a villa on your holiday is privacy.  You get to have an entire villa all to yourself whether you are on a romantic getaway or on a family vacation. With a villa, you do not have to suffer through noisy guests walking past your door at odd hours, or queue at the restaurant for breakfast, or share the pool with strangers nor scramble for the best-positioned sunbeds with tens of other people. A villa is you and your tribe’s home away from home.


Imagine a family of four sharing one hotel room with two double beds and one bathroom. This turns out to be one cramped holiday. Most villas have four or five separate rooms giving everyone the space they need to enjoy their holiday.


Renting a villa gives you the freedom to run on your own schedule, at your own convenience. You choose when you want to have your meals (breakfast at 11 anyone?) You have the flexibility to either lounge by the poolside all day long or go diving, or to explore the quaint countryside villages or whatever suits your fancy. Unlike in a hotel or resort where you have to plan your day according to the timelines provided, a villa allows you to move to your own beat. At a villa, there is no need to contain the children because you are afraid they will disturb other guests. Here they can run around and just be kids without you receiving a side eye from other guests.


Are you traveling with family or a small group of friends? You will find that a villa offers great value for money compared to taking multiple rooms in a luxury hotel. Considering the space and amenities offered which include satellite TV, beautiful gardens, breath-taking views, private swimming pools, internet access, a villa offers the best bet for a Malta holiday. Find some of best Luxury Villas for your next holiday at


You receive the same services like at a hotel but more personalized. Your concierge will organize your transportation, suggest activities, plan tours and attend to all your needs. Your personal butler, chef and wait staff are on hand to plan, prepare and serve all your meals including that a beach barbeque or finding your preferred beverage. Daily housekeeping, pool and garden maintenance staff ensure that you holiday in a neat environment.


Not many hotels accept furry guests into their premises. When you choose a villa for your holiday, you can bring along your pet – there is no need to ask the neighbours or friends to look after him when you are away. The children will definitely love it!

Villas are a great accommodation option for holiday seekers in Malta. They offer privacy and exclusivity, are spacious, offer fantastic amenities and services and above all are a great value for money compared to stays in hotel rooms and resorts. Choose a villa when you holiday at Malta and experience for yourself.

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