Denim needs a temporary home!

My mother is losing her home and moving in with me in Cocoa, FL. My landlord will not allow her dog, Denim, to move in and refuses to work out any sort of exception. We need to find a nice, loving foster home for him until my mom can get back on her feet (possibly 6 months, but I’m hoping less lol). He’s a great dog and I would hate for my mom to lose him along with the house… he’s a family member!
Denim is a large mixed breed dog, 2 years old, housebroken, mild-mannered and is best friends with my 7 year old brother. He’s great with children, doesn’t bite and has lived with a cat at one point (chases but doesn’t harm). Denim is a big mush and sometimes thinks he’s a lap dog despite his size. He will stare at you while you’re eating but doesn’t beg, and he will steal it if you’re not looking. He has a stuffed bear girlfriend and will often show his love for her, but he’s fixed.
I will pay for all food and toy expenses while he is living with you. If you’re interested in helping us out and are part of a happy, loving household please contact me at noellejd@msn.com.

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Two great family dogs free to good home…GREAT as working dogs!

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American bulldog needs temperary home

Hi my name is stephanie, my brother just recently got evicted from our long time family home due to forclosure after my parents got divorced 2 yrs ago.Now he is stuck in a situation I cant help him with he has an adorable american bulldog named Chance that he has grown to love, and just cant give up. Since I nor my parent can help him with this problem i seeking help from your web-site. He will be back on his feet in a few months and needs a temperary home for Chance please help I will set up a contract where i will pay for any financial needs such as food to suit mine and your needs. If you can help me or need more info please feel free to contact me at cartwright.stephanie1@gmail.com


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Do to losing my job and where I am not allowed dogs

<img src="http://www.foreclosurepets.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/diesel-158×300.jpg" alt="" title=”diesel” width=”158″ height=”300″ class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-1525″ />

I am needing a temporary home so I don’t lose my baby. He is a 7 year old mixed puppy. Loves laying next to you on the floor all day or taking walks and playing with his ball.

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Need temporary home for young lab mix

Phoenix, AZ

My landlord is revoking my permission to have a dog. She is a young lab mix. She is very affectionate and sweet. She is fairly high energy an curious about her surroundings, but is not a chewer or barker. I am anxious to know that she will be safe and happy for a short while (no more than two months). Please contact me if you are able to help. She is such a lover and I miss her terribly as she is temporarily staying at a kennel.

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Need immediate temporary home for my dog

please contact if interested katelynquinn59@yahoo.com. im loosing my home and it breaks my heart to loose him but im praying for a good person who can foster my dog. thank you.

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Foster 4 Scaredy-Cats in Los Angeles County?

I posted a little over a month ago in hopes of finding new homes for 10 cats. Unfortunately, although a friend of a friend was able to take 2, I ran out of time on the others and had to surrender them to the Pasadena Humane Society. Four had been adopted as of this morning, and when I checked their adoption pages this afternoon, it appears the last one has also found his new home. But 3 were put down after less than a week, all so frightened they were deemed unadoptable.

The 4 cats I kept, I kept because I figured they were definitely unadoptable, with 3 of them being feral-born and having taken two YEARS to get used to me, and the last seeming pretty well attached to me, although she was handled enough as a baby that I wouldn’t think of her as having feral tendencies. Well, I’m officially homeless now, with only one more night on a friend’s sofa separating me from sleeping at a shelter–or in my car. The 4 cats are boarding at their vet’s, thanks to his kindness and the generosity of some of my friends (they’ve paid for the cats’ shots and a few days of boarding), but this is a very short-term solution, unless I get a magnificent job by Thursday.

If anyone in the Los Angeles area is willing to foster my frightened babies until I can get on my feet again, you will have my, and their, undying gratitude. I will, of course, contribute for food and litter as I am able, but at the moment, it can’t be very much. If you can help, please leave a comment and let me know.

I hate asking for help, but I hate the thought of losing my last cats even more. Thank you for your time.

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Need foster home for two dogs in Bradenton, FL.

We have two dogs a Weimaraner and a Boxer who need homes for about a month, maybe more. We are having to move from our home but won’t have a place to live for about a month. We are going to stay with relatives during that time, but the dogs can’t stay there. We desperately need someone to foster both of them together, or separately. They are both loving, gentle dogs who like a lot of attention and who are used to being able to go in and out of the house. They are not destructive and are good with kids. If we cannot find foster care we will have to give them up, which we DO NOT WANT TO DO. Please contact us at albinorhino92@hotmail.com if you are able to help or have suggestions. Thank you very much.

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Re-homing for my cats

I lost my home in December 2011 and have been trying to find homes for most of my cats because I wound up with too many for a rental situation (short version of long story: I made friends with a feral mother cat…). I’m in Los Angeles County and can deliver the cats to a new situation, although later in the evening would be better than during the day, due to a suspicious landlord at the place I’m renting a room.

Please check http://sydshouseofcats.wordpress.com/2011/12/27/good-homes-please/for photos and short bios of the cats I need to re-home. I’d like to say it’s a long-term foster situation, but since I have no idea when I’ll be able to afford to rent a house where I might be able to get away with so many critters, re-homing is the best option right now. Of course, I’d love to be able visit them in their new homes… 🙂

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